Workforce Training

Training and Recruiting Programs

Workforce training assistance in Virginia is provided through the Virginia Economic Development Partnership's Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP). VJIP is an economic development incentive providing customized recruiting and training services to companies that are creating new jobs or experiencing technological change. The program offsets your company’s recruitment and training costs, and connects you with all available resources to help with your workforce development efforts. Among your partners will be Virginia’s educational and vocational institutions, workforce development centers, employment service providers and more. To view our list of workforce centers, click here.

How VJIP Helps You Tap Into Virginia’s Talent Pool:

  • VJIP provides a single point of contact for workforce development resources for economic development projects
  • VJIP focuses on results by assessing, planning and delivering solutions for your unique recruitment and training needs.
  • VJIP commits to your long-term success by providing ongoing support and assistance

VJIP Tailored Training Assistance:

  • Customized technical and soft skills training
  • Planning and delivery of on-the-job process skills training and organizational development training
  • Flexibility to use the training provider of your choice, including company subject-matter experts
  • Funding for each new job created
  • Support of future retraining initiatives

VJIP Recruiting & Screening Assistance:

  • Communication strategies to raise awareness and boost your recruiting ROI
  • Strategic partnerships with local education, industry, and community organizations
  • Applicant screening and management of applicant flow
  • Office facilities and equipment for conducting job fairs, orientation, and applicant interviews
  • Pre-employment assessment of candidates’ skills

The Bottom Line: VJIP is

  • Streamlined and centrally coordinated
  • Customized and flexible
  • Results-oriented with a long-term commitment


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