William & Mary Unveils the Commonwealth Center for Energy and the Environment

Tuesday, 8 January 2013 10:37 by Info@YesVirginia.org
This December, The College of William & Mary opened its new Commonwealth Center for Energy and the Environment to foster an interdisciplinary approach for teaching and researching environmental issues.

This December, The College of William & Mary opened its new Commonwealth Center for Energy and the Environment to foster an interdisciplinary approach for teaching and researching environmental issues.

Open to all William & Mary faculty, the center will function as both a think tank and research incubator that integrates disciplines including the natural sciences, law and policy, social sciences and the humanities.

In 2013, the center will support up to three short-term Environmental Enquiry Groups to define and explore direction for future research and teaching opportunities. Once topics are approved, the center will support the development of Long Term Environmental Quest groups for more advanced study.

William & Mary is already home to the School of Marine Science/Virginia Institute of Marine Science (SMS/VIMS), a leading institution specializing in coastal and estuary marine science and among the largest marine research and education centers in the United States.

With greater interdisciplinary focus, the Commonwealth Center for Energy and the Environment may be able to expand research and address the complicated relationship between energy generation and its impact on the environment.

The center will support Virginia’s “all-of-the-above” strategy to become “the Energy Capital of the East Coast” while expanding the Commonwealth’s energy partnerships and advanced research development. By leading the charge to develop offshore energy, expand renewables and advocate on behalf of traditional fuels including coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear energy, Virginia aims to secure reliable energy for businesses and citizens in the future.

To learn why more than 385 energy companies have established operations in the Commonwealth, click here.

AREVA Opens U.S. Technical Center in Campbell County, Virginia

Friday, 5 October 2012 11:29 by Info@YesVirginia.org
AREVA, a leader in nuclear and sustainable energy, celebrated the ribbon cutting of the new AREVA U.S. Technical Center this September. The center, located in Campbell County, Va., opens just seven months after the company broke ground on the project which brings a $7 million capital investment.

AREVA, a leader in nuclear and sustainable energy, celebrated the ribbon cutting of the new AREVA U.S. Technical Center this September. The center, located in Campbell County, Va., opens just seven months after the company broke ground on the project which brings a $7 million capital investment.

The U.S. Technical Center will add to AREVA’s existing Solutions Complex, the largest collection of nuclear testing and service offerings in the U.S. The state-of-the-art U.S. Technical Center offers full-service nuclear safety testing, including a seismic analysis laboratory, environmental chambers, metallurgic and chemical labs, and industrial ovens.

AREVA provides customized solutions for efficient low-carbon power generation, which allow electric utilities to adapt quickly to new and changing regulations.

Home to a highly skilled and well educated workforce, Virginia has the personnel needed to fuel AREVA’s continued growth. In fact, Virginia companies employ the one of the highest concentration of doctoral scientist and engineers in the country.

Virginia’s ideal combination of abundant natural resources, excellent location for global access, and strong workforce draw energy leaders like AREVA and helps establish the Commonwealth as the Energy Capital of the East Coast.

To learn more about Virginia’s top workforce and leading role as Energy Capital of the East Coast click here.

The Power of the Future Belongs to Virginia

Monday, 6 July 2009 13:22 by Info@YesVirginia.org

Check out Virginia Business Magazine’s latest issue for a comprehensive article about Virginia’s nuclear industry.

It makes for a good read. The article underscores Virginia’s efforts to maintain a strong base of power generation from various traditional sources, while a variety of renewable resources and their associated technologies take on a larger share of the power-generation picture.

There’s no doubt the Commonwealth views nuclear as a key pillar of our unique generation and power reliability story. The power of the future belongs to Virginia. Home to three of the top global players in the energy sector (AREVA NP, Babcock & Wilcox and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding) and a plethora of national players, Virginia’s cluster of technology, workforce and corporate businesses positions the Commonwealth as a leader in clean energy and advanced manufacturing of components for the energy sector. The vertical integration of Virginia’s assets—from workforce to real estate to research & development, to regulatory climate and proximity to market—means that energy-related companies can grow in a business climate that is prepared to sustain their competitiveness for the long term.

The article highlights the groundbreaking of the new AREVA Newport News project, a joint venture with Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding to manufacture equipment and pressure vessels for the nuclear industry. Governor Kaine will join AREVA and Northrop Grumman officials later this month for the groundbreaking ceremony in Newport News. Also discussed are several industry firsts that are happening right here in the Commonwealth: Babcock & Wilcox’s plans to develop a scalable, modular game-changing nuclear reactor, Dominion Virginia Power’s plans to build one of the first new nuclear reactors in the U.S. in three decades, and Virginia Commonwealth University is the first state university to add a nuclear engineering track to its masters engineering degree program.

The Commonwealth’s energy sector already employs more than 31,000 people, and Virginia ranks second in the number of nuclear engineers. We see both of those figures growing by leaps and bounds in the coming years, thanks to programs such as PRODUCED in Virginia (Providing Undergraduate Connections to Engineering Education in Virginia) and important strategic investments like that of the Virginia Tobacco Commission toward R&D facilities and research contracts, mainly around energy.

With help from a state interagency energy task force, VEDP is actively seeking project opportunities across the full spectrum of traditional and alternative energy resources. For more information about operating your energy facility in Virginia, visit us at www.YesVirginia.org or contact Mike Carruth at mcarruth@yesvirginia.org.

Green is in High Gear in Virginia

Friday, 12 June 2009 13:55 by Info@YesVirginia.org

 Green is the nation’s new favorite color. It’s on product packaging, splashed across the side of buses, dangling from company tag lines. Now it’s being attached to job categories. Add to white-collar and blue-collar the new “green-collar” job.

As we all know, “green” refers to more than just a color these days. It’s all about the environment, energy efficiency and conservation, and eco-friendliness.

Governor Tim Kaine pointed Virginia in the direction of all things green in September 2007 when he released the Virginia Energy Plan. The plan challenges the Commonwealth to a 40 percent reduction of the rate of energy growth by 2017, and a 30 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, bringing emissions back to 2000 levels.

In December 2008, Governor Kaine launched the Renew Virginia Initiative with the goal of making Virginia a leader in environmental protection and energy conservation and efficiency. The initiative includes legislative proposals to reduce Virginia’s dependency on foreign oil, improve the environment and create “green” jobs.

That’s where we come in. Before the Initiative was launched, Governor Kaine hosted an energy roundtable discussion to hear from executives representing a wide range of alternative energy generation, energy conservation, and research and development companies. They discussed best practices for corporate and university research and development collaboration, incentives, skill sets needed to attract energy project investment, and factors influencing site location of energy production facilities.

With insider information in hand, VEDP is better equipped to assist energy companies in finding solutions to meet their business needs. We understand the importance of having policy support and we have new knowledge about the factors that influence energy-related companies’ location decisions. We get the need for a supportive business climate, and we can deliver.

We’re now working with an interagency task force, made up of relevant state agencies, university partners and federal labs in Virginia to build a compelling case for energy-related businesses’ location to Virginia.

To learn more about what Virginia can offer your energy company, check out our Web site at YesVirginia.org or call us at (804) 545-5600.

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